Anderson Township’s Smoky Row schoolhouse in Madison County

Anderson Township’s District 8 Schoolhouse -known as the Brown or Smoky Row school- was a two-room schoolhouse that held classes for two grades in each room1. It was named Brown either due to its location on what later became Brown Street in Anderson or as a reference to the family that gave the thoroughfare its name. The Smoky Row moniker came from an early resident walking to town one chilly morning. Noting the chimneys warming the area’s houses, he described the scene as a “smoky row”. The name stuck2.

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Two more flowing wells in rural Madison County

I wrote about a pair of artesian wells in Madison County a few Saturdays ago and headed to Mounds State Park to take photos and video of two more I knew of the day after. I found another the following Monday and another on Tuesday. When it rains, it pours! I love artesian wells, but my hobby of finding them was dormant until the past couple of weeks. Today, I’ll show you the two I uncovered -one literally- in northern Madison County, along with where I think a third one used to sit.

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Two artesian wells in Madison County’s Mounds State Park

Mounds State Park has a fascinating history that spans several eras. Not only is it home to ten prehistoric earthworks, but it was also the site of an amusement park from 1897 to 19291! The place is the perfect spot for artesian wells to flourish thanks to its location on a limestone bluff high above the river. So far, I’ve been able to locate two.

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Two flowing wells in rural Madison County

I’ll never forget stumbling across my first artesian well. It felt as though I’d come across a biblical miracle! After I learned what they were, I made it my mission to track down all of them around East Central Indiana. Eventually, that trek took me to Madison County. I’ve found three there so far, but we’ll talk about two of them today.

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A new job and a blog update

I’ve had a ton of jobs over the years. Not counting freelancing, I’ve worked for ten different companies since I entered the workforce fifteen years ago. Depending on your industry, that might not sound like a lot, but I’m only thirty-two! I’d rather have stayed and grown with a single company, but those days are long gone, and the cycle starts again today. Here’s a personal update and a bit about how that might impact my output here.

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