Johs: The best value in compelling, handmade pipes

We’ve talked about Boswell pipes, which are handmade in America and available for, oftentimes, a pretty penny. A fantastic alternative that you should know about is the line of Danish pipes made by a guy named Mogens Johansen. His pipes are marketed under the brand “Johs” and they’re all handmade. What’s better is that you can get your own unique pipe from a price point starting at about $90 from SmokingPipes. As of this writing, the most expensive Johs pipe will run you about a hundred bills.

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Boswell Pipes: Loud, proud, and hand-made in the USA

Just about all of the pipes I’ve ever owned were manufactured mechanically, mostly through the use of something called a fraising machine that reproduces copies of an original master design from a company’s shape chart like a primitive CNC set-up or a 3D printer that replicates the cuts that slice up wooden blocks. To get a truly handmade pipe, conventional wisdom states that you’ve got to pony up funds that are beyond the threshold of what a normal person like you or me would be likely to spend.

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