Hamilton Township’s Williamson schoolhouse in Delaware County

Delaware County’s original Hamilton Township District 4 schoolhouse was built sometime between 1874 and 1881 on a triangular plot of land owned by Adam Williamson. The plot is now bounded by East County Road 400-N, North County Road 200-E, and Indiana State Road 67. Locals soon referred to the building by Williamson’s name1, and the old Pleasant Grove Church was built nearby shortly afterwards2

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Harrison Township’s Blackford schoolhouse in Blackford County

Harrison Township’s old District 3 schoolhouse, known as Blackford, sits three miles east of Montpelier on Highway 18. It likely took its name from the county whose students it served which was named for John Blackford, a state speaker of the house and Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court. The extant brick structure was built around 1900. In 1905, it sat on the land of S.S. Norton1.

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Jackson Township’s White Oak schoolhouse in Jay County

Jackson Township’s White Oak schoolhouse sits on sixty-four wooded acres just east of the Loblolly Marsh Wetland Preserve. “There’s a very good reason why you can’t come upon the school as you drive along,” a reporter for the Portland Commercial Review wrote in 1968. “It is located near a road which was abandoned about a decade ago. You can see it by car, with the aid of binoculars, from County Road 99 between County Roads 16 and 20 in Jackson Township1” Now that we’re firmly into the 21st century, a drone works too. 

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Wayne Township’s Clarksville schoolhouse in Hamilton County

The town of Clarksville was laid out in 1849. The first schoolhouse in the area, known as Swamp College, stood about 3/4 of a mile west of the settlement and operated under the subscription model until 18541. The first school in Clarksville proper was built in 1867 as a graded school under the direction of a board consisting of Dr. P.P. Whitesell, D.D. Taylor, and J.R. Leonard2.

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Hamilton Township’s Jake’s Creek schoolhouse in Delaware County

It’s believed that Thomas Weir taught the first District 6 school. In 1855, a frame schoolhouse was built at the southwest corner of the present-day intersection of North Everett Road and West Moore Road1. It burned in 1867. A new school was built to replace it the following year2.

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Fall Creek Township’s Brooks schoolhouse in Hamilton County

Fall Creek Township’s District 6 schoolhouse stood on R.P. Kimberlin’s land at the corner of Brooks School Road and East 116th Street1 in 1866. That ground may have originally been deeded from the Brook family, as Brook’s Grove was a popular spot for school reunions a century ago. That picnic spot was situated just across the road from the schoolhouse2.

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