A Rocky Start to the Peterson Donegal fishtail 999 pipe

My dad loved the Irish pipes of Kapp & Peterson, and thanks to his passion and generosity I’ve owned eight over the years including a rusticated 999, smooth 306 and 312 system pipes, a dyed meerschaum Zulu, four Irish Whiskeys- two 107s (smooth and sandblasted), a smooth 120, and a rusticated 408. Today, I own three. Well, four, if we count the one I’m about to talk about, which we should.

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The cheap Rossi Piccolo pipe is no woodwind

I realized that I might have been a little harsh on the Dr. Grabow after I first smoked it, so I spent $48 on a Rossi Piccolo to compare it to. It’s the cheapest brand-new pipe from a major manufacturer I could find, excluding Brigham, a Canadian brand known for its rock-maple inserts that are said to help reduce tongue-bite.

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Scott’s Pipes Burner series: Budget-level American pipes that don’t suck

Last Saturday, we talked about how successive generations of my dad’s family have held Boswell pipes in high regard. I think every pipe-smoker should have a Boswell in their stable, and I think everyone probably would if it weren’t two unfortunate factors- availability and price. Both make picking up a new Boswell a difficult proposition, so I got to thinking about other American brands. Last week, I found an inexpensive American pipe that I like- a rusticated, straight apple of the Burner series by Scott’s Pipes. It was listed as an unsmoked estate on SmokingPipes and I picked it up for $38. Tax and shipping added another $12, which was kind of salty, but whatever.

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