Washington Township’s Frog Alley schoolhouse in Blackford County

Land for a District 4 school was originally deeded to the Washington Township Trustee in 18771. The present structure, built twenty-two years later, was first called Independence. 

Photo taken August 6, 2021.

Later, the school was commonly referred to as Frog Alley2 or Swamp College3 due to the lowlands surrounding it and the area’s generally marshy nature. I’ve been to nearly 200 schoolhouses over the past several years, and both colloquial names -Frog Alley and Swamp College- are weird enough to make my top ten list. And I’ve been to old schools named Possum’s Glory, Dead Dog, and Tick Ridge!

Kudos to the residents of rural Blackford County. The District 4 school closed in 1923, when all of Washington Township’s schools aside from District 4 and District 9 consolidated into a six-room structure at District 8 known as the Washington School. 

Two years after its closure, the school was sold to the adjacent Independence Church of Christ for $1004. Today, the building is still owned by the church. 

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