Mount Pleasant Township’s Cammack schoolhouse in Delaware County

Mount Pleasant Township’s first schoolhouse, known as Antioch, was built in 1842 as one of the area’s earliest41 after Belleshazer Dragoo deeded a portion of his property for the purpose of erecting a school42. Andrew Danner was the first teacher there43. Ambiguous early plat maps seem to indicate that, at least as of the 1870s, some structure sat at the west end of Jackson Street at Yorktown-Gaston Pike44, but it doesn’t appear to have been the location of the Antioch school. In 1879, lumber dealer David Cammack came to the area, establishing a rail station, saw mill, and post office half a mile east of the school45. Over time, residents began referring to the school as Cammack to match the name of the village. 

Photo taken April 14, 2021. 

High winds leveled the brick schoolhouse on July 4, 191146 and classes were held in Cammack’s Red Man’s Lodge until a larger, two-room structure was erected on its site in 191247.

Grades 1 through 8 were taught at the new, two-room schoolhouse, which featured a removable partition that allowed the creation of a single, large, room. A portion of the school’s belfry was destroyed during the winter of 1935 when sparks from a nearby chimney ignited the wooden cupola48

Though it was Mt. Pleasant Township’s newest school building, the Cammack School closed in 1936. There were brief discussions towards reopening the schoolhouse in 1938 after township officials refused to take on the debt to build a new facility necessitated by a proposed 125-unit Federal Housing Authority project49, but it did not.

In 1941, the township sold the old schoolhouse to George and Edward Aul for $1,160, high above its appraised value of $40050. In 1967, an 8,000-square foot addition to the south nearly tripled the building’s total area. In 2021, the old school remained in use by Aul Bros. Tool and Die, Incorporated.

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