Abandoned Marsh: North Walnut Street in Muncie

“Abandoned Marsh” was my project to stylistically document the Marsh supermarkets closed by Sun Capital Partners, an investment firm that owned the home-grown company for the final decade of its eighty-six year history. Marsh was a regional grocery store chain that was founded in Muncie and eventually grew to encompass 157 supermarkets, 154 convenience stores, three florists, two catering services, and a restaurant. The last Marsh supermarket closed in 2017.

Abandoned Marsh #12. My own work.

Instead of taking pictures of the buildings, I decided to create 18×24 vector files in Adobe Illustrator, focusing on the complexity of their angles and how shadows and highlights interacted with them. 

This Marsh Supermarket in Muncie, Indiana, was my seventh entry into the series. It operated as a Wise Supermarket from 1979 until 2000, then as a Marsh Supermarket under a variety of banners from 2000 to 2017. Today, the Wise family owns the property and operates the seasonal Wise Country Market just south of the old supermarket.

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