Fall Creek Township’s Cyntheanne schoolhouse in Hamilton County

Although the town of Cyntheanne was platted in 1833, it never developed. Simon Lund purchased all of its lots and the prospective community reverted to farmland1.

Photo taken April 15, 2022.

In 1866, a schoolhouse -likely frame- stood at the northeast corner of what’s now Cyntheanne Road and Southeastern Parkway. The school was known as District 82. At that time, a District 7 schoolhouse stood near the site of today’s Fall Creek Intermediate School. 

A redistricting occurred by 1900 when the extant Cyntheanne School was erected and given the designation of District 73. Because of its remote location, the schoolhouse was sparsely attended for much of its history. In 1934, its attendance increased from twenty to twenty-three pupils4. Four years later, only nineteen students attended classes there5.

After the McKay and Klepfer schools closed in 1942, Cyntheanne was the last of Hamilton County’s one-room schoolhouses still in operation6.

The Cyntheanne schoolhouse closed after the 1944-45 school year7. In 1947, when a tornado blew the building’s belfry off8. That year, the old school -along with a coal shed, two toilet buildings, a garage, two stoves, two bookcases, one lot of books, a slate blackboard- were sold at auction9.

In 2019 the old Cyntheanne School was purchased and converted into a coffee shop called Schoolhouse 7 Cafe10.  

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