Green Township’s Alfont schoolhouse in Madison County

It’s said that this house on 750-West in Fortville is the former Green Township District 6: Alfont schoolhouse1. The District 6 school was shown at its present location on the land of William Alfont in 18802 and later in the same location on the farm of H.R. Jones in 19013. The Madison County Assessor’s office lists the building as having been erected in 19764. The structure has been renovated beyond its original footprint over the years in expansive projects which that date may refer to.

Photo taken December 29, 2021.

Unsuprisingly, William Alfont was the man who laid out the town that bears his name. Though the area was first settled around a saw mill on nearby Lick Creek since at least 1835, Alfont officially established it in 18505. Alfont’s brief period of prosperity was brought along by the arrival of the Bellfontaine -later the Big Four- railroad, but the rising prominence of nearby Fortville in Hancock County ended any real hopes of its enduring success6. Even closer, the community of Ingalls was incorporated in 18967, which stole more of Alfont’s thunder. 

Very little is known about the District 6: Alfont school itself, but it was still in operation as of 1910 according to a map showing rural free mail delivery service in Madison County at the time8.

It’s likely that the District 6 school was closed around 1913 when a new, four-room school was completed at Ingalls9. Today, the former schoolhouse is a home.

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