Licking Township’s Hughes schoolhouse in Blackford County

In 1905, Licking Township’s District 7 schoolhouse sat on a section of land owned by C.W. Hughes. Naturally, it received its common name from this association1.

Photo taken May 4, 2021.

Not much is known about the Hughes school. In 1908, Finley Geiger -a former Blackford County Superintendent of Schools of ten years- returned to the classroom as teacher of the District 7 schoolhouse2.

The District 7: Hughes school seems to have been closed around 19103, and it does not appear on a map showing rural free mail delivery that was published the next year4.

In 1912, N.W. Atkinson and his wife filed suit to quiet title against Licking Township as the District 7 building and grounds were no longer being used for educational purposes after the average attendance had dropped below twelve students5 per a state law ratified in 19076. Shortly after, the building was converted into a home. 

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