Abandoned Marsh: Wheeling Avenue in Muncie

The Marsh supermarket on Wheeling Avenue in Muncie was opened in 1995 to replace a smaller store across the street in Northwest Plaza. It closed in 2017. The supermarket was purchased by a subsidiary of Kroger, which operates it today as part of its Pay-Less marquee.

Abandoned Marsh #6. My own work.

“Abandoned Marsh” was my project to stylistically document the Marsh Supermarkets closed by Sun Capital Partners, an investment firm that owned the home-grown company for the final decade of its eighty-six year history. The last Marsh supermarket closed in 2017.

The company’s stores built from around 1980 to 2004 or so were easily identifiable because of their angular greenhouses and dark brick massing. Instead of taking pictures of the buildings, I decided to create 18×24 vector files in Adobe Illustrator, focusing on the complexity of their angles and how shadows and highlights interacted with them. This was my sixth entry into the series.

2 thoughts on “Abandoned Marsh: Wheeling Avenue in Muncie

  1. An old Marsh relic is getting a remodel. The 62nd & Allisonville store probably dated to the late 50s or very early 60s and was closed when they built the new one at 62nd & Keystone in, what, the late 80s? Big Lots opened there several years ago but the front of the store was mostly the same, but for lacking the big red M-A-R-S-H letters across the mansard roof in the front. That center is getting an up-do now, but the old one can still be seen here. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/6213-6243-Allisonville-Rd-Indianapolis-IN/25144287/


    1. Wow- that is a total relic! I’ve seen some old Marsh stores like that still extant in Portland and Anderson, but it’s about time that the Indy shopping center gets a reprieve.

      I saw so many old marsh stores I wanted to depict when I started this project, but I decided to focus on those abandoned by their purchaser. I’ll have to refocus and take a look at those other stores that were repurposed without much architectural embellishment. That would be cool too.

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