Fall Creek Township’s Kinnaman schoolhouse in Hamilton County

The second school in Hamilton County was taught by the Kinnaman family in a cabin near the home of pioneer Abram Helms in the early 1830s. The structure was built according to the style of a typical dwelling and featured a lone window made of a cut-out log covered in greased paper. A table stood underneath it to provide sufficient light for students’ studies1

Photo taken April 15, 2022.

In 1866, Fall Creek Township’s District 1 schoolhouse sat on the northwest corner of what’s now of East 136th Street and Cyntheanne Road, opposite of Kinnaman -spelled Kinnamon on the map- land2.  

The Fall Creek Grange social organization -officially, the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry- was organized at the school in 18733

The school -likely a frame structure that replaced the original log schoolhouse- stood on the same plot of land in 18764. It was replaced in 1906, when a new, brick schoolhouse was dedicated on the southeastern corner of the modern-day intersection5.

The Kinnaman’s School shuttered sometime prior to 1934 although its exact date of closure is unclear6. Its students were likely sent to the Cyntheanne school a mile and a half due south, which became Hamilton County’s last remaining one-room schoolhouse in 19427

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