Wayne Township’s District 7 schoolhouse in Hamilton County

Wayne Township’s District 7 schoolhouse was apparently known by number and doesn’t appear to have had a colloquial name. In 1866, the building sat on 160 acres of land owned by the Huntzinger family1. Based on the building’s appearance, it probably replaced a log or frame structure in the 1890s.

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White River Township’s Aroma Schoolhouse in Hamilton County

The first White River Township District 1 schoolhouse at Aroma, is said to have been a wood-frame structure with logs for seats1. Evidently, the school was a two-room structure, with a primary instructor responsible for students in grades 1-4 and a principal responsible for pupils in the upper grades, 5-82.

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Wayne Township’s Fairview schoolhouse in Hamilton County

A schoolhouse has stood at the southwestern corner of what’s now Cyntheanne Road and East 156th Street since at least 1866, when a District 12 building -known as Fairview- was located on land owned by the Stanford family1. The structure was of frame construction at least as of the 1892-93 school term2, a year before one of the most dramatic and tragic accidents to occur in Hamilton County happened on its site. 

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