Pipe Creek Township’s Hawkins schoolhouse in Madison County

In 1880, Pipe Creek Township’s District 5 schoolhouse was located about an eighth of a mile east of the present-day intersection of North County Road 900-West and West County Road 900-North in Madison County, on the land of C. Quick and Company1. The school was not visible on a map produced twenty-one years later, although William R. Hawkins owned the 160 acres immediately north of its former location. Jasper Huffman owned the land that the schoolhouse was situated on2

Photo taken August 16, 2021.

Apparently, the schoolhouse took its name from William Hawkins3, and the present District 5 school was erected at some point during 1880 and 1901, when it evidently closed. 

Despite its early closure, it seems as though the schoolhouse was reestablished prior to 1904. That year, Emma Jackley was the teacher4.

Newspaper references to an active Hawkins School end around 1906-1908, so the school was probably one of Pipe Creek Township’s earliest to close. Despite that, the thoroughfare that passes it was called the Hawkins School Road up through 1917 and possibly even today5 by locals.

Today, the building has been added to and, believe it or not, is a home. 

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