Licking Township’s Jennings schoolhouse in Blackford County

In 1905 the District 6: Jennings School was located on land carved out of Calvin Curtis’ twelve-acre plot1. As an insitution, though, this Licking Township schoolhouse dates to much earlier: In 1862, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clark were married in the middle of what’s now South County Road 200-West in front of the original District 6 schoolhouse, immediately after a spelling bee was held2

Photo taken May 4, 2021

The extant building was built in 1894 per its lintel. Evidently, the schoolhouse was still in use as of 1915, when classes were taught there by Kate Curtis3. Though not much information exists about this place, we do know that the District 6 school closed at some point prior to the 1918 school year, when eight schools in Licking Township were reported to be in operation4

Today the abandoned school appears to be used for agricultural storage. It sits just east of Lake Mohee in southwestern Blackford County.

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