Niles Township’s Green Street schoolhouse in Delaware County

One of the earliest roads in Niles Township was laid out a mile west of the the township’s eastern boundary sometime around 1836. Today known as North County Road 800-East, early settlers referred to it as Green Street since most of them came from Greene County, Ohio1. It was on this road that the District 1 schoolhouse, later known as Green or Green Street, was established on land that John Battreall donated in 18402. That last E in “Greene” got dropped somewhere along the way.

Photo taken April 29, 2021. 

In 1852, the Green Street schoolhouse was one of ten operating in the township. John Ellis -who later authored a history of Delaware County- served as teacher in 1860-61, in charge of as many as eighty-three pupils at a time during his time at the schoolhouse3.

The initial, frame building was destroyed in 1871 during a windstorm on the fourth of July, but its replacement -the extant schoolhouse- was erected the same year4. In 1881, Edward Philelmum was the teacher5

Esta P. Cochran of Eaton was the final teacher of District 1, which closed after the 1916-17 school term along with the remaining Niles Township schools6. After its closure, the students of District 1 were sent to the Dunkirk school in Jay County7.
In 2021, the building was used as a barn. Between 2016 and 2021 the schoolhouse was significantly damaged by winds that toppled a portion of its western gable. 

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