Jackson Township’s Hamilton schoolhouse in Madison County

The first District 7 school appears to have been built on the Noah Ryan farm a mile west of the present-day intersection of West Eighth Street Road and North County Road 600-West. It may have originally been called Ryan due to its location there1. In 1880, the schoolhouse was three quarters of a mile further east2.

Photo taken August 14, 2021.

The schoolhouse that still stands -the third- was finished in 1903 as a two-story, two-room structure3. Upon its completion, students from the old District 7 school and the District 8: Epperly school consolidated into it4. In 1912, the school shut down for a couple of weeks because of a diphtheria outbreak5.

In its later years, the students of Jackson Township attended elementary classes at Perkinsville before completing middle school coursework at Hamilton. After eighth grade, they went on to nearby high schools at Lapel in Stony Creek Township or at Walnut Grove in Hamilton County6.

In 1955, a Jackson Township consolidated school opened nearly four miles northwest of the District 7 schoolhouse and it was shuttered7. At the time, the Perkinsville and Hamilton schools were the oldest in the county. Today, the old District 7: Hamilton schoolhouse is a dwelling.

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