Harrison Township’s Waugh schoolhouse in Blackford County

The Harrison Township District 1: Waugh schoolhouse in Blackford County was built around 19001, likely to replace a frame structure. It took its common name from the family who deeded its land to the township, but in 1905 the building sat on the land of Jonathan G. Woods2

Photo taken August 6, 2021.

In 1916, the west side and roof of the schoolhouse were destroyed in a wind storm, so classes were moved to the Nora Burson house nearby3 until repairs could be made.

It appears as though the Waugh schoolhouse was discontinued after the 1923 school year, along with Blackford, Hoover, and Pleasantdale in preparation for the township schoolhouses and city schools of Montpelier to combine. Later that year, the school was sold for $252 to Sam Wearly4.

In later years, the old Waugh Schoolhouse was used as a a poling place during political elections5. Today, it appears to serve as a detached garage of sorts for the house that sits just north of it.

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