Niles Township’s Granville schoolhouse in Delaware County

The town of Granville was platted by John Gregory in 1836, five years after he purchased the surrounding land1. The first schoolhouse there was a log structure that was also home to meetings of the Granville Christian Church from 1835 to 1842. By 1852, the Granville school was one of ten in Niles Township2.

Photo taken April 14, 2021.

In 1881, classes at the District 8 schoolhouse were taught by Isaiah Dudeston3. The present schoolhouse was erected four years later4 and sits adjacent to the site of the 1870 Granville Christian Church, which is no longer standing. By 1887, Granville was home to eight named streets, the school, a fraternal lodge, and two hotels5. It also featured two additions to the original plat6. However, railroads eventually bypassed the place in favor of Eaton, Albany, and Desoto, so Granville declined.

The school soldiered on until the 1916-17 year, when it -along with the rest of Niles Township’s schoolhouses- closed in order to send their students to consolidated schools in Eaton, Albany, and Dunkirk. Ralph W. Milligan of Shideler was the last teacher at Granville7.

Unlike every other township in Delaware County, Niles never had a consolidated school of its own. After its closure, the abandoned schoolhouse was converted to a dwelling sometime prior to World War II8. Today, it’s still a house, outlasting nearly all indications of Granville’s heyday.

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