Green Township’s Gravel Lawn schoolhouse in Madison County

An earlier District 1 school in Green Township was established just northeast of where it sits today. In 1880, it was located at the northeastern corner of West County Road 1000-South and Indiana State Road 13 on farmland owned by the Cotterell family1.

Photo taken August 19, 2021.

By 1901, it moved to its present location on land owned by Thomas Jenkins Doty, whose surname gave the school its first colloquial name2. The present structure seems to have been built in 19093

The school’s common designation of Gravel Lawn came after the adjacent cemetery was established in 1914 after a neighbor named Charles Hiday sold seven acres of his land to a board of trustees4.

The District 1: Doty/Gravel Lawn schoolhouse served students until 1930, when Green Township’s Center School opened as a consolidation between District 1 and the District 3 schoolhouse, known as Hardscrabble5

Located at the southeast corner of West County Road 800-South and IN-13, the Center school closed in 1971. After nearly fifty years of disuse, the building was demolished in 2021. The old District 1 schoolhouse, meanwhile, still stands as a private dwelling.

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