Hamilton Township’s Jake’s Creek schoolhouse in Delaware County

It’s believed that Thomas Weir taught the first District 6 school. In 1855, a frame schoolhouse was built at the southwest corner of the present-day intersection of North Everett Road and West Moore Road1. It burned in 1867. A new school was built to replace it the following year2.

Photo taken December 24, 2021.

For many years, the congregation of Grace Methodist Episcopal Church utilized the schoolhouse for services3. In 1885, John Minton deeded the original schoolhouse’s land to the trustees of the church in order to build a permanent sanctuary4. The church, now a home, was erected later that year “on the ruins of” the schoolhouse5. The church, visible in the Google image below, looks like an old schoolhouse but it isn’t.

A newer Jake’s Creek school was located about 3/4 of a mile north of the previous school, on the land of William Ginn. He donated the plot to the Hamilton School Township on December 23, 1881 for a total of fifty dollars6.

The common name of the schoolhouse came from a creek near its original location that was named after Jacob Miller, a prominent citizen and early president of the Muncie & Bethel Turnpike Company

In 1902, the District 3 and District 6 schoolhouses were the only country schools remaining in Hamilton Township due to their remote locations far from Royerton and Shideler7. District 6 was closed the following year, and its students were driven to the school at Royerton8. In 2021, the building was home to American PineAcre Kennels.

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