Another of Delaware Township’s Albany schoolhouses in Delaware County

Julia Allegre, George Current, and Rhoda Current deeded land to the Delaware School Township on July 15, 18761. Shortly after, the township constructed a two-story, three-bay brick building with a hipped roof and cupola to serve as a schoolhouse. Though originally the schoolhouse at Albany was designated as Delaware Township’s District 1, the town eventually operated its own, separate, school system.

Photo taken August 19, 2022.

The structure was abandoned after the 1889 construction of a new, graded schoolhouse three blocks west2. After the school was replaced, it served as a dwelling3 before the Muncie-Portland Traction Company purchased it for use as an interurban traction station and powerhouse. The company added an L-shaped addition that wrapped around the north and west sides of the original structure and remodeled the schoolhouse to match the Italianate style of the new additions4

The Muncie & Portland line was acquired by the Union Traction Company in 1916 and was discontinued in 1930. In subsequent years, the old building has been home to a variety of businesses, including an auction house5, the Albany Sales & Service Ford dealership, and a Pizza King restaurant. In 1979, it was even proposed to become the town’s new municipal building6

The outline of one of the schoolhouse’s windows can be seen inside the old structure from its western addition.

In 2021, the Beautification Committee of Albany, Inc. announced plans to renovate the structure. Little of the building’s appearance remains from its days as a school aside from some original windows that can be seen, bricked up, from the inside. I took a deeper dive into the building, along with some of Albany’s other interurban infrastructure, here.

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