Mt. Pleasant Township’s Lincoln schoolhouse in Delaware County

Going back to a time before school districts were officially laid out, a predecessor of Mount Pleasant Township’s District 3 schoolhouse was the Mt. Pleasant schoolhouse, built on land donated by James M. Van Matre in 18431. The deed to the plot of land Van Matre donated mentioned “School District 32,” but it was more than four miles south of District 3 when it was officially laid out in 1854. Later, the site of Van Matre’s school became home to the Mount Pleasant Church and cemetery.

Photo taken April 10, 2021.

The Shepherd school -another predecessor to the extant District 3 structure- was constructed in the early 1840s3. A history of the Mt. Pleasant Township school system narrows the year of completion to 18444.

In 1866, Benjamin D. Snodgrass granted the Mt. Pleasant Township Trustee half an acre of his land to establish a new schoolhouse5. Due to the recent assassination of the president, it’s likely that the school’s common name changed from Shepherd to Lincoln. 

The former Lincoln schoolhouse, to the right of the image, as it appeared in January, 2018.

Probably a frame structure, the school stood at its present location in the 1870s6 and was replaced by a brick building in 18867. The Lincoln school served students from grades 1-8 and was the last one-room building in Mount Pleasant Township to close. It was shuttered in 1924. George Lambert was the final teacher8

Six years after the school’s closure, Athel Watson converted the building to a home. A 1980 restoration framed in a front porch using bannisters from the demolished Daleville High School9. Despite many additions, the original portion of the schoolhouse, facing west, is easily identifiable as the original structure.

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