Richland Township’s Burton schoolhouse in Madison County

Madison County’s Richland Township District 7 schoolhouse stood on the Conner family farm in 1880. It likely got its name from the adjacent property of I.W. Burton, where it may have originally stood1. It appears as though the extant schoolhouse was built around 18992.

Photo taken December 29, 2021.

Ruth Gritton taught twenty-seven pupils at District 7 in 19373. Five years later, the schoolhouse was home to only thirteen students, which made Burton Madison County’s smallest school. Elsewhere in Richland Township, the Moonville school taught 32 pupils and Center school had 35. College Corner and Thornburg taught 41 students each4.

That said, the Burton schoolhouse continued to be used for educational purposes until 1950! That year, students were sent to the new, six-room College Corner school three-and-a-half miles southeast, as were the pupils of the old Center and Thornburg schoolhouses, Districts 3 and 5 respectively5. All three buildings were sold at auction two years later6.

The Burton schoolhouse, as it appeared on August 9, 2021.

Today, the old District 4 schoolhouse is a dwelling and the road it sits on, North County Road 450-East, is sometimes still referred to as Burton School Road7.

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