Adams Township’s Ovid schoolhouse in Madison County

The Adams Township community of New Columbus was named by Abraham Adams when he laid the town out in 1834. Unfortunately, the moniker he chose was the same as a community that already existed in Bartholomew County. When the post office was established three years later it was called Ovid1. Today, signs at the community’s edge call it “New Columbus or Ovid.”

Photo taken December 29, 2021.

The second schoolhouse in Adams Township2 was a round-log building3 built at the eastern end of what’s now New Columbus or Ovid4. In 1854, a frame replacement was constructed after provisions of an 1851 state law that provided for a free common school system took effect5. In 1873, twin brick schoolhouses were built at New Columbus and Markleville. They measured 23×38 feet and each cost $1,1006. The school at New Columbus served students from Adams Township’s District 47.

In 1922, the state board of health issued orders condemning the schoolhouse as unsanitary, along with five others in Adams Township8. That year, a project began to expand and remodel the school at Markleville9. It appears as though the District 4 school10, along with Districts 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6, were abandoned in 1924 when the project was completed.

Today, the old District 4 school at Ovid or New Columbus is a home.

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