Adams Township’s Dead Dog schoolhouse in Madison County

The first District 3 schoolhouse in Adams Township was a log building “up on the hill on Art Hennings’ property1.” Around 1854, a frame structure was completed next to the Dunkard (German Baptist) Church that still stands on New Columbus Road south of what’s now East County Road 500-South, an area sometimes referred to as Old Columbus. Accordingly, the schoolhouse was known as the Dunkard school2. In 1877, a brick schoolhouse was built in what was called the “Fesler District3” that measured 23×38 feet and cost $1,100. That school, the one that still stands, was an exact replica of Adams Township’s District 8: Collier schoolhouse.

Photo taken August 10, 2021.

The schoolhouse received the colloquial name of “Dead Dog,” legend says, after a pregnant dog was hit by a train at Alliance, a railroad station just east of the structure4. Bizarrely, another schoolhouse -this one in Boone Township- shared the grisly name, but for entirely different reasons: during a community gathering at the building, a group of disgruntled residents threw a dead dog through the window in order to disrupt the festivities.

In 1922, the state board of health issued orders condemning the District 3 schoolhouse as unsanitary, along with five others in Adams Township5. That year, the school at Markleville was expanded and remodeled6. A new, consolidated school called Fall Creek Heights opened in 19287 and it appears as though the District 1 school, along with Districts 2, 3, and 5, were abandoned at that time8.

The view of the schoolhouse from County Road 500-S, also known as Alliance Road after the train station, is actually a view of the rear of the structure as the roadway ran south of the building when it was constructed prior to being straightened9. Today, the District 3 schoolhouse is a dwelling.

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