Anderson Township’s Eggman schoolhouse in Madison County

The District 11: Eggman schoolhouse was built in 1866. That year, the Bethel Church was founded as a Sunday school, meeting in the schoolhouse itself1. After its closure, the schoolhouse became a parsonage for Bethel’s frame sanctuary built in 1888 at the southwest corner of West 38th Street Road and South Layton Road2

Photo taken December 29, 2021.

In 1874, it was one of five brick schoolhouses in Anderson Township3 and took its name from the Eggman family, on whose land it was originally located.  The Eggmans and Daniel Wertz, who owned the land in 1880, were instrumental in founding the Bethel Church4.

Today, the school is a home. As of 2022, it’s being renovated and restored by a new owner.

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