Washington Township’s Watson schoolhouse in Blackford County

In 1923, the District 9: Watson school -taught by Olivia Bugh- became Washington Township’s last operating one-room schoolhouse when the six-room Washington School opened in District 81. The schoolhouse operated as late as 1927, when its students achieved the highest attendance rate, 99.71%, of any schoolhouse in the county2.

Photo taken September 1, 2021.

The students of the Watson schoolhouse were often pace-setters when it came to attendance. Their 100% rate in 1922 also contributed to Blackford County’s highest-ever total- 98.36% in all of its rural schools3.

After its closure, the District 9: Watson school was altered to serve as a home.It appears to have had its roof lowered and its been added to on its east and west fronts.

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