Monroe Township’s Vermillion schoolhouse in Madison County

A schoolhouse sat on the land of Uriah Columbus Vermillion as early as 18801. Vermillion was a prominent farmer who lent his last name to a creek, two churches, and Monroe Township’s District 15 schoolhouse. All that made up a loose community located near his land along the Jackson Street Pike in eastern Madison County.

Photo taken August 10, 2021.

The present schoolhouse appears to have been built in 18992. A congregation calling itself the Vermillion Christian Church began holding services in the schoolhouse in 19133 before erecting their own structure nearby at a cost of $1,500 the following year4

The schoolhouse, along with the loose community that came up around it, was named for Uriah Columbus Vermillion, the man who owned the land the area sits at today. In 2023, the area around the schoolhouse consists of thirteen homes and two churches.

In 1933, the Vermillion school took in eleven students from the District 3: Tennessee schoolhouse that burned down5. Five years later, the District 15 schoolhouse closed for good after the consolidated Cunningham school opened on the site of District 5. The Cunningham school absorbed the students of eleven districts on the unincorporated eastern side of Monroe Township6.

Today, the building is a home.

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