Delaware Township’s Blue schoolhouse in Hamilton County

Delaware Township’s extant District 6 schoolhouse, commonly known as Blue, was built in 1902 as a consolidation of three earlier schools1. The first District 6 schoolhouse, known as “Old Blue2” was located just beyond the southeastern corner of East 106th Street and Keystone Parkway3. Its students used the adjacent Farley Cemetery as a playground4.

Photo taken April 15, 2022.

That intersection was widely known as Mulberry Corner5. An even older log building that served as the area’s first schoolhouse prior to Old Blue was further east and across 106th Street6. That thoroughfare was known at the time as Blue School House Road. The frame schoolhouse took its name from the color it was painted.

The Old Blue schoolhouse burned in 1871 due to a fire in a defective flue. It was repaired shortly after and classes resumed7. In 1902, its students, along with those from the township’s District 2: Dawson and District 7: White Chapel schoolhouses consolidated into the two-room Blue schoolhouse building that is still standing8.

In 1915, the “New” Blue schoolhouse was one of only two serving Delaware Township. Officials sent most of the township’s students to the graded schools at Carmel and Fishers9. The school closed after the 1920-21 school year and was sold at auction on May 11, 194110. Reunions of both of the Blue schools along with the White Chapel schoolhouse were common throughout the first half of the twentieth century.

Today the building is a home. 

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