Stoney Creek Township’s Fodrea schoolhouse in Randolph County

Stony Creek Township’s District 9 schoolhouse was commonly known as Fodrea after the family who originally donated its land sometime around 18651. In 1874, it was situated on property owned by the heirs of Elisha Garrett in 18742, as it was in 18823

Photo taken February 21, 2022

In 1915, the Fodrea school became home to Stoney Creek Township’s first accredited high school when fifteen pupils attended classes there as a consolidated school was completed4.

Located on South County Road 1000-West a quarter mile north of West County Road 150-South, the Fodrea schoolhouse sat just north of where its replacement -the Stoney Creek Township Consolidated School- was built the following year. In fact, the contract for erecting the new school was let on February 11, 1916 at the Fodrea schoolhouse, which by that point had been renumbered as District 85

After it was discontinued, the old schoolhouse was used as the residence of the Stoney Creek School’s custodian6. Later, it was home to a veterinarian’s office. Today, the schoolhouse is a home.

Photo taken February 21, 2022

Across the road and to the south, the Stoney Creek Consolidated School was demolished in 1966. A house was built on top of its basement but its lintel was preserved.

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