Lafayette Township’s Keller or Buttermilk schoolhouse in Madison County

Lafayette Township’s District 5 Schoolhouse was built around 18821 at a crossroads originally called Mt. Herman. The District 5 schoolhouse, most often called Keller, was also known to those who lived nearby as the Buttermilk school.

Photo taken August 9, 2021. 

Like the community of Florida Station, “Buttermilk Station” was an early stop on the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, & St. Louis Railroad3. Also known as Keller Station after the family that deeded the land for the schoolhouse, the community appears not to have been platted or officially established.

Along with the Elm Grove, Prairie, Closser, Beech Grove, Florida, and Salem schools, the Keller school was abandoned in 1932 after Lafayette Township erected the six-room, consolidated Leach school near the center of the township4.

Its successor, Leach Elementary School, closed at the end of the 1999-2000 school year. Its students were sent to Frankton Elementary the following year6 and the building was demolished shortly afterward.

After it was abandoned, J.D. Sargent converted the District 5 schoolhouse into a dwelling5. It remains a home today.

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